Queens 3rd XV v Enniskillen 2nd XV Fixture - Mar 11, 2017

Team Score Pts
Queens 3rd XV 13 - 17 Enniskillen 2nd XV

Match Report

Queens 3XV        13
Enniskillen 2XV        17

After a brief period off the top spot, Skins 2nd XV returned to their number one slot in the league after a hard fought battle against an organised and resilient Queens team.

The young Skins side started off on the back foot barely getting outside of their own half for the first 40 minutes. After 20 minutes solid defending the QUB side found a way through the Skins line and got early points on the board. The Enniskillen men, however, kept the heads up and soon fought back with some brilliant play from the forwards, with Andrew ‘Tufty’ Crawford and Bruce crashing the ball up to the QUB 22, when Maguire dinked the ball up and over the opposition defensive line, ran through and pounced on the ball scoring a well deserved try, unfortunately missing the conversion leaving things at 7-5.

The Queens’ side had one final attack before half time, in which Thornton unaware of the offside rule, gave away a penalty, giving the home team another 3 points leaving things 10-5 at half time.

The Enniskillen men did not worry as the experience they had on the bench was phenomenal. Veteran scrummager, Richard Beaty, was putting in an effortless performance both on and off the pitch. Captain Mark O’Shea delivered some inspirational words at half time to lift the energy of the whole team. Skins upped the tempo now and shortly afterwards Lewis Millar was placing the ball over the try line with the score now 10-10.

After a few more errors from the Enniskillen side, the Queens number 13 broke through the defensive line a number of times, but was well dealt with by the covering wingers McVitty and Rutledge. Eventually the break came for queens when a penalty was given away in front of the posts, leaving the score at 13-10 coming into the closing minutes.

Enniskillen, knowing this was a must win game, were throwing everything they had at the energetic queens team, but Chris Henry was to make the difference after some lovely passing play from the partnership of O’Shea and Hendy had Henry crossing the line with 79minutes on the clock, Teague whom had a splendid performance, converted the try with ease.

The Queens restart was the final play of the game and Enniskillen kicked to touch to end the contest as the final whistle blew and the crowd went wild.

The 2nd XV are now sitting top of the table knowing a promotion opportunity is in their hands if they win their next home match, scheduled to Dungannon on the 25th of March.