Fantastic line up of rugby & music this weekend!

Plenty of enjoyment to be had at Mullaghmeen next Saturday 12th September as the 1st XV host Randalstown RFC, 2.30pm Kick-Off and the 3rd XV host Finn Valley.

Later that night we have entertainment from Rock n' Roll and Blues band 'The Bootleg Band' which will be a fantastic night of music from 9pm - entry only £5!

What do get if you put 6 people, from 6 different countries, widely differing backgrounds, from age groups ranging between their 30s to 60s, together? In most walks of life it would not be possible to get anything, apart from a conflicting mess. In what context could such a diverse set of elements work? The answer is a Rock ’n’ Roll Blues Band.

When Gail Turner and Chris Exner moved to Hong Kong 3 years ago, they put together “The Bootleg Band,” They are a lively six piece rock ’n roll band with members from Hong Kong, Ireland, England, the Philippines and New York. They are a band that epitomizes the magnetic and leveling quality of music. Just as diverse as the skills and personalities in the band, their music also spans a wide number of decades, and the result is always a room full of people of different ages dancing and joining in on every occasion they play. The United Nations of the Rock n Roll / Blues scene get together to have a good time and leave their labels at the door. Hong Kongers, Japanese, Americans, British, Irish, other European representatives, Philippinos, Malaysians, Nepalese, to name but a few, demonstrate that music knows no boundaries nor has it any prejudice. Where ever they play their infectious love of music and sheer raw performing energy, dominates.

The band plays some music that was originally created some 50 years ago. The enjoyment and energy from those listening, are proof that a well played, good quality song holds it’s own; no matter how much time has passed. There are songs from the 40’s by Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, and Elmore James. The 50’s era has offerings from Elvis, Fats Domino and Chuck Berry. Tunes from the 60’s come form The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Everly Brothers, and well known numbers from The 70’s written by The Eagles, CCR. and Bowie, are played. Mississippi Delta Blues, to the Rock n Roll revolution and then the domination of the British and Irish influence on music are all mixed together in a delightful hotpot of sound that people reminisce to, and then throw off any self consciousness and have a dance to a song they surprisingly know all the words to.

The Bootleg Band has opened for Chris Barron from The Spin Doctors and for Bobby Taylor of Motown fame. The music they play has gone down a storm in Peel Fresco, The Wanch, Backstage, Orange Peel and other prestigious Hong Kong music venues. It is also welcomed when they decide to busk or play in more informal settings at private parties. They play songs that have delighted many ears over many decades. When they are played, a foot involuntarily taps and people find themselves joining in with the words, while thinking, ”I don’t remember learning the words to that, and yet I know it!”

The music in “The Bootleg Band” playlist is unifying, contemporary and relevant. It does not matter about the diverse nature of the musicians playing it nor when it was written. These musicians and this music allows us to celebrate, and do what people have done for centuries - enjoy this wonderful music and bring joy to people no matter what their colour, background, or age

Music opens doors to lifelong friendships. It is impossible for one person to know all there is to know about music. Music lives longer than memory and it is blind to difference. Long live music!