Summer Touch Rugby 2015 Starting Friday 5th June!

The annual 7-a-side Summer Touch Rugby Tournament kicks off next Friday 5th June!

Running every Friday night at Enniskillen Rugby Club for 3 consecutive weeks:- Beginning 5th June and ending with Finals night on June 19th.

Cash Prizes and more up for grabs for finalists!

Contact Us before the deadline on Wednesday 3rd June to register a team either by:-
- Messaging the official Facebook Page linked below.
- Tel: 07966691039 or 07871639127
- Email:

Keep track of updates on our Facebook event page!


Tournament Rules and Guidelines


-Captain must pre-register their team with us via facebook, email or phone by Wednesday 3rd June with team name included
-Team must arrive for registration on the first night (5th June) at 6.30pm, the two following nights will start at 7pm.
-The captain must present a team sheet with a min of 7 and max of 10 named participants, at least two of whom must be female, along with the necessary entry fee of £10 per player e.g. £70 for a team of 7 or £100 for a team of 10.
-Teams not meeting the maximum squad size of 10 can add players up to that maximum over the forthcoming weeks at a cost of £10 per person.
-Every team will at times be required to provide a referee for other games throughout the tournament when not playing themselves; full list of rules and regulations to follow. 

Strict Requirements

-team sheet presented by team captain at the beginning of every night
-at least 7 players named on your team sheet at the beginning of every night
-at least two named players must be female and two females must remain on the pitch for your team at all times