ERFC New Bar Membership Card Released

10% bar discount

Receive 10% discount on non-member drinks prices at the Club Bar by either presenting your membership card with cash or paying with your membership card.

Top up with cash

Top up your membership card at the bar with cash in advance and use your card for future purchases.

Donnelly Group Contribution

Card sponsors Donnelly Group have kindly agreed to make a contribution to the club for every purchase made by club members.

Gym membership

Access to the club gym is permitted to fullly paid club members over the age of 18.



       * Make sure you are an up to date subscription paying club member with either a monthly direct debit or annual paid subscription.

  • *  To get your club membership up to date or request your card, contact our subscriptions convenor on 07925 009133 or Email

  • *  You can now download membership forms from our website or follow a link online to set up your direct debit automatically. Go Online at

    Membership Rates

  • *  Playing membership £130 Annually or £10 Direct Debit

  • *  Student (Playing) £65 Annually or £5 Direct Debit

  • *  Pavillion member £30 Annually

  • *  Non-playingmember£60Annually

  • *  Advanced membership £190 Annually or £15 Direct Debit

If you are not currently paying subscription fees, please rectify this. There is a substantial insurance cost for every player registered, along with the cost of everything from pitch maintenance & running oodlights to buses